A fast-paced card game that makes shloka-learning fun! Chittam’s Mantram will sharpen children’s memory and cognition, provide hours and hours of fun and memories, and instill fondness in our rich heritage.

Ages: 7+ years Players: 2 to 8

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Can bhakti, learning, and fun can be brought together into one package? It indeed can. Introducing Mantram, a card game that will test your children’s speed, sharpen their focus and deepen their bond with Lord Ram. At the core of this rapidly-moving game is the repeated chanting of a beloved shloka dedicated to Lord Ram. As you go round and round chanting the shloka and following the quirky gameplay instructions, your children will exercise their cognitive skills, have loads of fun, and gain a closer connect to their culture. The perfect way to make your next party or family get-together unique and meaningful!
70 Gameplay Cards 4 Shloka Cards Instruction Manual - With an explanation of the meaning and significance of the shloka
Mantra Japa - Gameplay makes mantra chanting fun for children, leaving them with a lifelong connection to Sri Rama. Concentration & Focus - Players must stay alert to match the chant with the card in play, keeping their minds sharp and focused. Family Bonding - Creates hours of quality family time. Siblings, parents, or grandparents, everyone can join in the fun and laughter.

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