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Elevate your family’s bonding and knowledge with our exclusive combo pack featuring two engaging products. “Suprabatham” is an introspective activity that introduces children to anecdotes from lives of 60 successful and culturally rooted Indian personalities, with prompts to reflect on how to imbibe some of their qualities.”Bharata Vilas” is a brand-new card game from Chittam that will bring families together to learn about the cultural richness and diversity of India. Join us on a fun journey across this vast land, pausing on the way to appreciate the richness of each state!

This Family Fun Combo pack offers a dynamic blend of cultural exploration and inspiration, creating memorable moments of learning and togetherness. Ignite curiosity, reflection, and a deeper appreciation for India’s cultural treasures with activities that are both enriching and entertaining for all ages!

Ages: 8+ Players: 2 to 6

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In today's volatile, competitive, and attention-deficit world, parents are seeking options for instilling strength, clarity of mind, and certain core values in their children. Suprabatham does exactly this, through the inspiring life stories of prominent Indian personalities.

Bring home 60 incredible Indians from across different eras, age groups, fields, social and religious backgrounds. Explore inspiring anecdotes and incidents from their lives, and take a few minutes a day to absorb and practise the virtues they exemplified.

Suprabatham is designed to create a calm space for introspection every morning. Whether at home or in classrooms, set aside a few minutes each morning to pick up a card, read the story, and reflect on the prompts.

Bharata Vilas
India is renowned for its immense diversity - in cultures, languages, traditions, and geography, strung together on the thread of our Indic civilizational values.

India's 28 states and 8 union territories span a dazzling wide variety of clothing, rituals, celebrations, artforms, cuisines, languages.

Don't you think learning about each other will help us stand united, marching together to be the best in the world?

This game is team Chittam's humble attempt at opening our windows to the cultures of our neighbors, their neighbors and then theirs, so we all become one Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam.

60 suprabatham cards

Each card contains:

Inspiring story of a prominent personality Questions for individual reflection

Bharata Vilas
Playing Cards: 142 playing cards. For each state one card of each type - Dance, Food, Facts, Weaves, Monuments.

Booklet: Treasure trove of fun information on every Indian state - to be along with game play.

Introspection: Nudges children to reflect on their thoughts and actions everyday, and find ways to imbibe values in small and large ways.

Inspiration: Real stories of success achieved against the odds, and heights scaled while being strongly rooted in our culture

Discipline: Enables a sense of meaningful routing each morning, with 10 minutes set aside to read and reflect on a Suprabatham card

Bharata Vilas
Curiosity: The illustrations and wow facts in the cards and booklet will kindle interest in the kids to learn more about each state.

Strategy & Problem Solving: Playing card games in a group develops social skills, concentration, ability to think strategically and execute.

Cultural Rootedness & Empathy: Appreciating other cultures helps one build empathy towards and fosters a collaborative mindset.

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