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Chittam is an all new way to rediscover Indic wisdom, cultural values, and bonds across generations.
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When Chittam is in, everyone wins


Impart heritage values and Indic wisdom to your children with games from Chittam - modelled around cultural stories of heroism, bravery, sacrifice and virtues.


Help your child get a holistic learning experience by teaching them rooted values through action, and quality time. Impart a lifetime of mental strength with fun.


Now, your family finally gets to play together. Chittam distils value-rich Indic wisdom into highly engaging board games - simple and enticing enough to entertain all!

We’re a notch above the convention


Chittam’s games are always age-appropriate across its themes, language and graphics. At first glance, the respective age group is able to relate.

Family Bonding

Chittam has one core focus in game design- family bonding. Activity-based games bring everyone together.

Thoughtful Design

Chittam’s muscle power lies in the cultural rootedness of each core team member, which translates to the nuances that bring to you an excellent game experience.

Chittam is your child’s best friend

Board and Card games that can be played repeatedly - never gets boring!

Guaranteed to teach them Indic wisdom they can apply in life.

Built to empower them mentally which enhances character

Chittam is a parent’s trusted guide

Bringing families together in a fun and rooted way, through a variety of activities and games

Removes the burden of finding an easy way to communicate values and wisdom

Encourages bond-building between kids and grandparents

Changing the way families get together

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I not only delight in purchasing unique games for my children but also in gifting them to my family and friends. Chittam offers a wonderful collection of Indic game boxes that are both unique and affordable. Kudos to the team and wish to see many more such activity game boxes in the future.

Sowsheelya Srikanth

Software consultant
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While I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Indian culture and tradition with my grandchildren, I find gifting difficult. Now that Chittam is around, I know that my grandchildren will undoubtedly learn more about our India even through my gifts.

Jayanthi Naryanan

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I purchased Bommalattam and Neivedya activity boxes for my kids and it's not just them but the entire family loved it. Together we played and learned so many things about our Indian puppets, Gods, and their Neivedya stories. The little Gatotkacha and the puppets are cuties and we plan to keep them in our Golu. Would purchase more from Chittam.


Test specialist
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Being an early childhood educator, I love exploring activity boxes for children of different ages. In addition to being highly innovative and informative, Chittam's activity boxes are unique in the market.

Gayatri Prasanna

Early childhood educator
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The Neivedya Kit is really amazing and it's an intellectual game for kids. It is not only unique but also provides spiritual knowledge while having fun. I highly recommend and appreciate the activity kit. Thank you so much Chittam games for developing such a promising game for little ones like mine.

Aakriti Panchal

Mom of Atharv, Rajasthan
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Teaching about culture to kids has never been so easy, thanks to the interesting and informative games from Chittam. I have gifted Chittam games to 10 other parents, and they are also loving them.

Dinesh Soni

Indian Temples Research and Media Services