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“Sārathi” and “My Aadhar” come together to create a truly enriching experience for children and elders alike. “Sārathi” is an interactive activity book that will transport children and elders into the world of Lord Krishna, with stories, puzzles, artwork and a lot more.

“My Aadhar”, on the other hand, is an activity book designed to help ground children to their roots. It provides structured guidance for them to discover and embrace various facets of their rich tradition, connecting them to their heritage as proud descendants and custodians.

Together, “Sārathi” & “My Aadhar” offer a unique blend of fun and heritage and is the perfect way for families to connect with their roots while enjoying an immersive and educational experience together.

Ages: 7+ Years Players: 1+

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What if your children could have a best friend who provides them strength and inspires them? A friend they can go to at all times, good and bad. A mentor who will keep them focussed on the right track? And what better friend than the eternal teacher, the charming and charismatic Lord Krishna!

Open these pages and get transported to the magical world of Vrindavan. Read wonderful stories about Lord Krishna, solve some intriguing puzzles, and get together with your families to work on some exciting activities! You will learn a lot and you will have loads of fun. But most importantly, you will begin to develop a special bond with Krishna, your dear friend and guide - Sārathi - who will support you through the ups and downs of your life.

My Aadhar
In India, everything we see around us captures meanings and symbolisms that stretch long back into our cultural past. Learning about these gives our children a powerful framework to understand and respond to their own circumstances, shaping them into mentally strong, empathetic, and successful individuals.

This activity book is built around 21 intriguing questions that will help children learn more about their own ancestors, their native land, their customs, and more.

Stay Rooted! Stay Complete!

Activity book with Stories Crossword Art & Craft Quizzes And a lot more!

My Aadhar
Activity Book With questions that will intrigue and encourage children to discover more about their roots, and fun activities to play and learn together with family.

Scriptures: All content and activities are curated from some of our scriptures, predominantly the Srimad Bhagavadam.

Stories: Illustrated stories that will excite your children and make them understand the origins of many of our traditions

Sadana: Provides children with simple guidance on incorporating some of Lord Krishna's teachings and values into their own lives

My Aadhar
Cultural Rootedness: Introduce children to aspects of your own unique culture that they might not have been aware of.

Screen-free Learning: Keep children engaged and interested in learning without relying on TV, phones or computers.

Kindles Curiosity: The process of working through the book will kindle interest in the kids to learn more about their roots.

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