Neivedya: Divine Food Tales for Toddlers


Discover the Legends and Delightful Folklore of India’s Divine Food Offerings through Neivedya, a captivating book of illustrated stories in verse form.

Make learning divine and delightful with Neivedya – an extraordinary book that nourishes young minds while instilling a love for puranas, culture, and creativity.

Ages: 1 to 6 Years illustrated Stories

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Within the vibrant pages of Neivedya, your child will be enthralled by the enchanting tales behind the favorite foods of our beloved Gods. From Lord Ganesha's endearing affinity for Modak to Lord Muruga's special bond with Panchamrutham, and the playful escapades of Gatotkacha and his favorite ladoos!

Each story is skillfully crafted in verse style and accompanied by lovingly illustrated imagery, specifically designed to captivate the attention of our young readers. Whether during bedtime storytelling or interactive reading sessions, "Neivedya" provides an immersive learning experience for your child.

Embark on a delightful journey filled with poetic storytelling, enchantment, and divine gastronomic adventures!

Nine captivating verse-style illustrated stories showcasing the favorite foods of our Gods, including a delightful tale featuring Gatotkacha.

Promotes Creativity: Encourages imagination and pretend-play through engaging stories and illustrations.

Embracing Tradition: Introduces children to the origin stories of our rich cultural traditions.

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