Bommalattam is an activity game that will introduce your children into all aspects of directing a puppet show – the story, screenplay, dialogues, props, score, and the puppetry itself!

Ages: 7 to 14 Years Players: 2+

Puppetry in India is a fascinating artform that has served as an important medium of communication and entertainment over 4,000 years of its history.

Bommalattam provides your children the perfect stage to express their creativity, while pushing them to work collaboratively with peers to put up a show.

Your children will also learn two iconic stories from the Mahabharata, and the chance to enact many more adventures of the valorous Pandavas!

Provide your kids the unique opportunity to dive into the magical world of Indian puppetry!

Puppet Theater: An eco-friendly theater to serve as the perfect stage for the little performers (sutradars)!

Puppets: Hand-crafted puppets of the pancha Pandavas and Draupadi

Booklet: A booklet on Indian puppetry, with 2 stories from the Mahabharata written in a child-friendly way

Empathy & Creativity: Develops children's ability to transport themselves into the shoes of characters from very different eras.

Confidence: Being a puppet master and narrating a story to an audience builds confidence in children.

Rootedness: Learning stories from Mahabharata develops a sense of identity and belonging to Indic culture.

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